Office of Student Life

Facility Planning and Design

Interior Design


Student Life's Interior Design team provides creative solutions for maintaining and enhancing the functionality of our physical environments 

The Planning & Design team implements facility improvements to promote and sustain occupant satisfaction and performance. These improvements are completed utilizing a foundation of knowledge in:

  • evidence based design
  • accessibility standards
  • ergonomics
  • material performance

In addition to this foundation, the designers collaborate with an integrated project team of Student Life stakeholders to better attain successful design solutions. One of the most important stakeholders Student Life’s design team collaborates with? Ohio State Students.

The Interior Design team retains student interns in a reciprocal growth affiliation—benefiting both the staff and student. Students are able to give insight to staff on higher education related design decisions while the staff provides career mentoring and job experience in the professional design industry. In additional to this collaboration, Student Life’s Planning & Design team is constantly seeking student feedback through other methodologies such as focus groups, post occupancy studies, and surveys. This feedback helps us to provide the most effective solutions and assists in our alliance with the core values at The Ohio State University.