Office of Student Life

Risk and Emergency Management

Policies & Procedures for Office Keys

As the holder of this key, you share the responsibility associated with protecting the personal safety of residents, guests, employees, facilities and assets for the university. It is essential that you follow the guidelines listed below while in possession of university keys.

  1. Ensure that the key you have been issued matches what is on the office/facility door and also the code listed above.
  2. Keys should be kept on the ring provided. Do not cut, remove, or separate keys from the sealed ring or brass tag.
  3. Do not lend your keys to others.
  4. Do not use your keys to open or unlock doors for unauthorized or unknown individuals.
  5. All keys must be returned to Student Life Risk and Emergency Management upon leaving your current job through resignation, retirement, involuntary termination, disability separation, or transfer to a different job within student life or another university department.
  6. Student Life Risk and Emergency Management will perform an annual review for all keys issued. Please respond to any inquiries.
  7. Report any issues associated with keys to Student Life Risk and Emergency Management via Service2facilities (614-292-HELP).
  8. Lost or misplaced keys should be reported immediately. Individuals who lose, misplace or misuse keys or any access control system may be subject to corrective action.